What is BitcoinZ

BITCOINZ is a cryptocurrency with immutable maximum supply & defined number of new coins entering the market, with halvings on its mining rewards every 4 years.

BitcoinZ prides itself on 100% community inclusion - the community posts open and public proposals for change that are voted on. Progress is achieved by volunteerism, with some proposals seeking a budget from community donations - mostly from member mining activities and pools supporting the project by setting their pools to auto-donate.

BITCOINZ was launched with the legendary “BITCOIN” name because it added optional privacy with its “Z” addresses, fixed the high Bitcoin fees reducing them almost to zero, offered scalability, protected the PC miners from the ASIC elites and at the same time it truly honoured Bitcoin’s vision with:

Fair launch with no premine or ICO sales

Proof of Work model (it can be mined)

No company structure as it is 100% Community Driven, with no central authority ever issuing & distributing coins.

We do not allow you to exchange large amounts of coins: in case you want to exchange a large amount we recommend using a normal Exchange.

Here are some tips

BitcoinZ main site : www.getbtcz.com

Our payment gateway : https://pay.btcz.app

BitcoinZ Telegram : Telegram

BitcoinZ Discord : Discord

You can contact #Rok4717 on Discord or @rokMikuz on Telegram and start playing poker in up to 20 minutes.

Accepted payments: Crypto

Telegram : https://t.me/btczofficialgroup

Discord : https://discord.gg/bitcoinz

On which exchanges i can buy BitcoinZ

Some exchanges where you can exchange your Btc to Btcz and vice versa. STEX, Crex24, Graviex, Cratex, Exrates, SafeTrade, AtomicDEX, BitcoinZ-DEX, Ebitron, TradeOgre

Check on the Oficial BtcZ sitefor more info: https://getbtcz.com/where-to-buy-bitcoinz/